Percentage of CBD and THC on the strain

Afghan kush marijuana strain flower

Producers have utilized selective breeding for decades to develop strains with ever-increasing THC concentrations. Some have done the same thing to generate low-THC, high-CBD strains of cannabis like, as well as high THC (AK47) and balanced strains (Afghan Kush). What’s more, is there a limit to the amount of THC or CBD that cannabis can produce? Or will farmers continue to cram more electricity per pound of plant into the same amount of space?

The answer is straightforward: there are limitations. And with the most powerful THC-dominant and CBD-dominant strains available today, producers are likely to have hit the natural limitations of their abilities.

Lab Data Shows Limits on THC and CBD Levels


The data used to construct the graph above is real, having been acquired from more than 1,200 laboratory measurements of commercial strains throughout the state of Washington over the course of many years. Most strains fall into one of the three shaded zones illustrated in the image above, which is all of them. Phytopathologists have been aware of this general pattern for many years, and they have used the THC:CBD ratio to classify landrace strains into three “chemotypes,” which are explained in further detail further down this page.

The majority of commercial strains are clustered around the x-axis, which indicates that they have a high THC concentration but a low or non-existent CBD content. Hemp strains, on the other hand, are positioned closer to the y-axis because they produce a high amount of CBD while producing relatively little THC.

Balanced strains

CBD has many health benefits and THC is the compound responsable for getting you high. There are many ways to use it including vaping, smoking, edibles and tinctures. Balanced strains are those that produce both CBD and THC, and as a result, are in the middle of the cannabis spectrum. Because of increased consumer interest in cannabidiol, THC-dominant strains make for most flower products available on dispensary shelves. Balanced strains, on the other hand, are becoming more popular (CBD).

Aside from that, the blank patches are noteworthy since they represent areas where you should never expect a commercial strain to be found. Most THC-dominant strains fall between 8 to 10% dry weight at the low end of the range in terms of THC content (although you can find some with lower levels).

The most potent strains have somewhat more than 30% THC by dry weight, making them the most potent strains currently available on the market. It is possible to stumble across some that contain higher quantities of these compounds, although this is quite rare.

There is, however, a limit to how far you can take things. A strain with a total THC concentration of 35 percent or greater by dry weight is believed to have attained its maximum THC level due to biological restrictions on THC production. In general, high-THC strains have an average THC concentration of between 18 and 20 percent, with strong strains having an average THC content of 25 percent to 30 percent by weight. It should be exceedingly rare to stumble across a strain that has more than 35% total THC by dry weight in its dry form. If you do, you should use caution.

Mixed strains

Afghan kush marijuana strain flower
Afghan kush marijuana flower

Mixed strains are also limited in terms of the quantity of CBD and THC that they may deliver in their composition. In comparison to more powerful THC-dominant strains, their THC production is much lower, and their CBD production is significantly lower than that of more potent hemp strains. In terms of CBD content, a hemp strain with a total CBD level of 20% or higher by dry weight would be considered very potent.

CBD and THC concentrations in more balanced strains will be in the range of 6-12 percent, with CBD concentrations being the more prevalent. If you come across a strain that includes 30 percent THC and 10 percent CBD, or a strain that contains 30 percent of both, you should avoid it at all costs. Due to the biology of THC and CBD synthesis, this is not feasible currently.

Why Do These Limits Exist?

cannabis strain flowers
cannabis strain flowers

When you stop to think about it, there are a number of basic reasons why these restrictions are in place. When properly labeled, cannabis products inform you how much THC, CBD, or other compounds are present in the product as a percentage of the dry weight of the product. THC, CBD, and other compounds are present in the product in varying amounts.

In other words, if a flower is labeled as containing 25 percent THC by dry weight, it signifies that THC accounts for 25 percent of the flower’s total mass after it has been dried to eliminate water. That indicates that other substances such as lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals account for 75% of its dry weight. Everything like that. More THC or CBD implies fewer of the things that the plant needs to survive, which are essential for its existence.

If you want to know precisely how much THC you will be dealing with while taking your preferred strain, just knowing the percent dry weight figure isn’t enough information. This is since a significant amount of the “THC” in your product is really THCA, which will be transformed to THC by the heat generated by your lighter, vaporizer, or oven. Furthermore, this procedure is not 100 percent efficient, which means that things are not as cut and dried as just reading the numbers on the label would suggest.

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AK47 Marijuana Strain

cannabis strain flowers

AK47 is a hybrid marijuana strain created in the late 1990s. It was originally bred by Dutch breeders and is now one of the most popular strains of cannabis in the world, according to Wikipedia. The name AK47 comes from its genetics which are Afghani x Thai x Colombian. The plant has flowers that are light green and have an earthy, citrus taste with a peppery finish when consumed.

AK47 strain

AK47 is a 60% indica / 40% Sativa hybrid. This variety has also been crossed with Northern Lights and Skunk to create other versions of the strain. AK47 is a hardy plant that can grow in most conditions, especially those outdoors. In fact, this strain thrives in temperature ranges between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit and can endure harsher weather, even droughts. The strain is also THC 13-20% and CBD 1% aproximately.

Effects are quite surprising and pleasant. AK47 marijuana strain has been known to produce a relaxing body high that helps ease pain while leaving the consumer with a sense of euphoria and heightened senses. The high makes it perfect for sipping on slow moving music while creating arts and crafts or simply enjoying some enjoyable conversation with friends.


AK47 cannabis strain
AK47 cannabis strain

A high yielding plant that can grow to be 8 feet tall. AK 47 will get outdoors in seasonal climates and benefit from a well-drained soil with lots of organic matter mixed in. AK 47 is best grown indoors but can be grown outside in all conditions during the spring and fall months if you keep it hydrated. It is possible to grow this strain outdoors, although doing so requires a large amount of indoor space since it is quite bushy.


AK47 marijuana strain is harvestable once the buds have filled the air space between the branches. Harvest typically occurs around the end of September or early October.

AK 47 is extremely easy to grow, and it provides you with a high yield. This plant only needs light amounts of fertilizer and any kind of soil, but it works best with rich, compost-based soil so make sure to add plenty of compost to your potting mix before planting this strain. Your flowering time with this strain is between 4 weeks and 9 weeks.

Side Effects:

Dry eyes, paranoia, insomnia, anxiety, and headaches.

How to use:

AK47 is inhaled most through combustible means such as a joint or bong. It is also available in other forms such as tinctures and concentrates. It can also be enjoyed in edible form or with a vaporizer. Vapes are one of most trendy ways to use since it’s portable and you have multiple benefits by vaping without burning of your herb.

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Other Strains Related to AK47

herbs for dry herb vaporizer
herbs for dry herb vaporizer

Blueberry Kush

AK47 Auto flowering is a great strain if you’re confused about which weed to buy. This plant is easy to grow and has a high yield, making it a great strain if you’re just getting started.

Chronic OG Kush is a potent, indica-dominant hybrid whose lineage comes from the infamous Hindu Kush mountain range in northern Afghanistan. Its buds are light green with bright orange hairs and are extremely sticky with resin, while the smoke itself is smooth and has an earthy taste up front before finishing off with an odd, fruity aftertaste.

Outdoor strains

Cinderella 99 is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces giant buds with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Its signature spicy aroma comes from its parent strain Cinderella, which in turn is a clone-only plant that’s descended from Northern Lights #5 and Hash Plant. The buds are dense and light green with dark purple hues, and they tend to have a hard time staying lit due to their fluffy nature. The smoke is smooth, but it burns the throat and lungs when inhaled, so be careful with your dabs or you might end up coughing uncontrollably like I did.

Connoisseur Genetics

Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain with soaring brain-focused effects that are perfect for daytime use. It’s a cross between Afghani, Mexican, and Thai strains cultivated by the Grateful Dead back in the 1980s. Smoking Sour D is like taking a nice hit of nitrous oxide—the buzz is energetic yet clearheaded and uplifting.

Strawberry Lemon Kush

Strawberry Lemon Kush is a 90/10 sativa-dominant hybrid that’s great for treating pains and aches. This easy-to-grow strain grows short, bush-like plants with large nugs, which are covered in thick trichomes and crystals on the outside. The buds have a sweet, tasty aroma and taste like they were baked by a Dutch chef.

AK47 Marijuana Strain Benefits

AK47 leaves
AK47 leaves

AK 47 is a hybrid marijuana strain that will provide you with almost immediate relief from your pain. The high is exceptionally long lasting and the strain can help people with stress of any kind. Even if you have severe mental disorders such as depression, AK47 can help elevate your mood and get you through the day.

AK 47 can be helpful to those who suffer from chronic pain such as back aches or joint pains. It will also help ease spasms in the muscles, and it will loosen all your muscles. This plant will also relieve nausea, which makes it an excellent option for those who suffer from stomach problems or acid reflux.

AK 47 is a great strain for insomnia and can help you fall asleep in minutes. It is very relaxing and almost hypnotic in the way that it surrounds your whole being with its influences. People who suffer from anxiety or even depression can use this strain to get them through their bad days. It is also very helpful for those who suffer from migraines as it will prevent headaches and migraines typically happen around the head area.