Percentage of CBD and THC on the strain

Afghan kush marijuana strain flower

Producers have utilized selective breeding for decades to develop strains with ever-increasing THC concentrations. Some have done the same thing to generate low-THC, high-CBD strains of cannabis like, as well as high THC (AK47) and balanced strains (Afghan Kush). What’s more, is there a limit to the amount of THC or CBD that cannabis can produce? Or will farmers continue to cram more electricity per pound of plant into the same amount of space?

The answer is straightforward: there are limitations. And with the most powerful THC-dominant and CBD-dominant strains available today, producers are likely to have hit the natural limitations of their abilities.

Lab Data Shows Limits on THC and CBD Levels


The data used to construct the graph above is real, having been acquired from more than 1,200 laboratory measurements of commercial strains throughout the state of Washington over the course of many years. Most strains fall into one of the three shaded zones illustrated in the image above, which is all of them. Phytopathologists have been aware of this general pattern for many years, and they have used the THC:CBD ratio to classify landrace strains into three “chemotypes,” which are explained in further detail further down this page.

The majority of commercial strains are clustered around the x-axis, which indicates that they have a high THC concentration but a low or non-existent CBD content. Hemp strains, on the other hand, are positioned closer to the y-axis because they produce a high amount of CBD while producing relatively little THC.

Balanced strains

CBD has many health benefits and THC is the compound responsable for getting you high. There are many ways to use it including vaping, smoking, edibles and tinctures. Balanced strains are those that produce both CBD and THC, and as a result, are in the middle of the cannabis spectrum. Because of increased consumer interest in cannabidiol, THC-dominant strains make for most flower products available on dispensary shelves. Balanced strains, on the other hand, are becoming more popular (CBD).

Aside from that, the blank patches are noteworthy since they represent areas where you should never expect a commercial strain to be found. Most THC-dominant strains fall between 8 to 10% dry weight at the low end of the range in terms of THC content (although you can find some with lower levels).

The most potent strains have somewhat more than 30% THC by dry weight, making them the most potent strains currently available on the market. It is possible to stumble across some that contain higher quantities of these compounds, although this is quite rare.

There is, however, a limit to how far you can take things. A strain with a total THC concentration of 35 percent or greater by dry weight is believed to have attained its maximum THC level due to biological restrictions on THC production. In general, high-THC strains have an average THC concentration of between 18 and 20 percent, with strong strains having an average THC content of 25 percent to 30 percent by weight. It should be exceedingly rare to stumble across a strain that has more than 35% total THC by dry weight in its dry form. If you do, you should use caution.

Mixed strains

Afghan kush marijuana strain flower
Afghan kush marijuana flower

Mixed strains are also limited in terms of the quantity of CBD and THC that they may deliver in their composition. In comparison to more powerful THC-dominant strains, their THC production is much lower, and their CBD production is significantly lower than that of more potent hemp strains. In terms of CBD content, a hemp strain with a total CBD level of 20% or higher by dry weight would be considered very potent.

CBD and THC concentrations in more balanced strains will be in the range of 6-12 percent, with CBD concentrations being the more prevalent. If you come across a strain that includes 30 percent THC and 10 percent CBD, or a strain that contains 30 percent of both, you should avoid it at all costs. Due to the biology of THC and CBD synthesis, this is not feasible currently.

Why Do These Limits Exist?

cannabis strain flowers
cannabis strain flowers

When you stop to think about it, there are a number of basic reasons why these restrictions are in place. When properly labeled, cannabis products inform you how much THC, CBD, or other compounds are present in the product as a percentage of the dry weight of the product. THC, CBD, and other compounds are present in the product in varying amounts.

In other words, if a flower is labeled as containing 25 percent THC by dry weight, it signifies that THC accounts for 25 percent of the flower’s total mass after it has been dried to eliminate water. That indicates that other substances such as lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals account for 75% of its dry weight. Everything like that. More THC or CBD implies fewer of the things that the plant needs to survive, which are essential for its existence.

If you want to know precisely how much THC you will be dealing with while taking your preferred strain, just knowing the percent dry weight figure isn’t enough information. This is since a significant amount of the “THC” in your product is really THCA, which will be transformed to THC by the heat generated by your lighter, vaporizer, or oven. Furthermore, this procedure is not 100 percent efficient, which means that things are not as cut and dried as just reading the numbers on the label would suggest.

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How to use CBD?

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil in tincture

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical component present in cannabis. CBD has gained in popularity as a pain reliever due to its anti-inflammatory and medicinal advantages. But how may CBD be used?

Continue reading to find out!

What is CBD?


CBD, or cannabidiol, is the plant’s non-psychoactive cannabinoid that everyone is talking about. Unlike THC, which is associated with the “high” that recreational marijuana users desire, CBD has no psychoactive effects. Rather, this cannabis chemical component has grown in popularity owing to its therapeutic advantages and absence of psychoactivity.

CBD has been proven in studies to assist with a variety of illnesses, including chronic pain, anxiety, and even epilepsy. As a result, more individuals are turning to CBD for treatment. It’s important to understand how to utilize CBD if you want to enhance your health or assist others.

How can you use CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, may be used in a variety of ways. Some individuals smoke it, while others take it in tablet form, while still others choose the more conventional approach and ingest CBD products orally. You may also absorb CBD by swallowing hemp oil or CBD oil, which contain the chemical component present in cannabis.

CBD may be consumed in a variety of ways, depending on your requirements. If you wish to utilize CBD for a medical issue, you may take it sublingually or orally in tablet form. If you’re searching for a method to relax, reduce tension, and encourage better sleep, try taking CBD oil orally or putting it under your tongue for sublingual absorption. Smoking it is still another alternative.

If you want to smoke CBD, it may be mixed into an existing joint or spliff, smoked in a pipe, or even eaten using rolling paper. You may also buy hemp cigarettes with CBD instead of nicotine, which are sold in most convenience shops.

If you want to use CBD in a more conventional way, such as a joint or spliff, just add some to a bowl or even some coconut oil. This will result in a stronger oil that is more prone to induce “highs”—be cautious!

So, what is the best method to apply CBD?

It all depends on what you’re after. If you wish to utilize CBD for sleep, for example, it may be better to swallow it beneath the tongue through sublingual absorption. Most individuals choose oral or dissolvable dose forms, such as tablets or capsules, if they wish to take it for pain. And, if you want to experiment with CBD, such as by adding it to your marijuana, always start low and go gradually.

Regardless of how you choose to take CBD, start with the lowest feasible dose and wait approximately an hour before taking more. This will let your body to gradually adapt to the cannabis. Be patient as well; remember that CBD products may take up to two hours to have full impact! Check out these five alternative methods to take CBD if you want a quicker, more visible impact.

What are some of the best ways to use CBD?

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil in tincture
CBD oil or cannabidiol oil in tincture

Cannabidiol may be consumed in a number of ways (CBD). Here are a few techniques to consider for your requirements, or just to experiment with diverse ways to relieve stress or encourage sleep.

Orally consume CBD oil. An oil may be placed under the tongue to relieve pain, anxiety, or sleeplessness, which is a form of natural sublingual absorption. To accomplish this effect, place a few drops of CBD oil beneath your tongue and let it soak into your mucous membrane.

Put that in a joint and see what happens. Some individuals choose to add CBD to their joints if they want a more conventional approach. You may add up to one gram (about 0.035-0.07 grams of CBD) to your joint or spliff to amp up the cannabis high you’re already searching for.

CBD may be smoked. If you want to experience the benefits of CBD straight immediately, you may smoke it. You may smoke a CBD cigarette, use an e-cigarette pen, or choose from a variety of pre-made joint choices at your local dispensary.

Consider using a dry herb vaporizer. Consider purchasing a dry herb vaporizer if you want to experience CBD without smoking anything. These gadgets heat marijuana (or any other plant) to the point that the vapor may be inhaled directly without being burned. You can choose a portable device to bring it anywhere with you!

How much CBD do you need?

While there are no hard and fast rules for CBD dosage, some individuals choose to err on the side of caution in case they need more than the suggested amount. As a result, some experts advise beginning slowly and gradually increasing to a more potent dosage if necessary.

What are some of the most frequent ways individuals take CBD?

People utilize cannabidiol (CBD)—or cannabidiol—in a variety of ways, depending on their requirements or just for scientific projects! Here are a few different ways you may take your CBD.

Do you need to consume CBD in a specific form?

cbd capsule
cbd capsule

To get the most advantages from cannabidiol (CBD), you must take it in one of its various forms. Although the cannabinoid may be found in a variety of forms throughout the plant, some individuals prefer a particular way of ingestion. Those who want to consume CBD orally, for example, may do so via sublingual or oral consumption. Sublingual absorption from under the tongue, as well as oil that can be put under the tongue or even ingested, are also options for those seeking for an all-natural method to get their CBD fix.

How much CBD oil should I take?

Regrettably, there are no established guidelines for cannabidiol dosage (CBD). However, if you want a more powerful version of the chemical component present in cannabis—hence the term “oil”—you may put a few drops beneath your tongue.

What is the best method of ingestion?

To get the greatest benefits from cannabidiol (CBD), choose the route of administration that best suits your requirements. Here are a few different methods to consume cannabidiol (CBD) and its active cannabinoids.

Can I take CBD with THC?

The ability to consume CBD with THC is determined by the source, strain, and quantity of CBD in each product. However, since CBD is more powerful than THC, a low-dose CBD mix may reach your system following interaction with any THC in the plant.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed your reading and that now you feel confident on your CBD usage.

Acapulco Gold, a Marijuana Strain!

acapulco gold

Acapulco Gold marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that originated in Northern California. It has an earthy, pine-like scent and a lemony, citrus taste like sweet oranges. It’s popular because it has a fresh aroma and a light and fruity smoke that lingers for days. People who are new to smoking indica marijuana typically prefer this sativa over indica strains because of the good balance of THC and CBD content that it provides.

This marijuana strain is named after the city of Acapulco in Mexico, where it was first found in the 1960s. Its high concentration of THC makes it one of the most potent marijuana strains ever. Some examples of this strain have been measured at around 26% THC, which is literally double the amount that an average marijuana strain contains. It also provides a huge amount of CBD to balance out its negative effects and provide several medical benefits for patients who are suffering from certain types of conditions.

Acapulco Gold Marijuana Strain Effects

cannabis high
cannabis high

The effect that Acapulco Gold gives to its users depends on their tolerance levels. Most users reported powerful cerebral effects that can last up to 2 hours from one smoking session. Its analgesic effects are also very common, as well as a sense of strong euphoria.

Medical Use and Benefits of Acapulco Gold Marijuana Strain

Acapulco Gold is a great strain to treat patients who have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. But it’s also great for dealing with chronic pain and muscle spasms. It contains an extremely high content of CBD that makes it effective in treating seizures some types of gastrointestinal issues, such as Crohn’s disease. It can also be used to treat glaucoma, reduce menstrual cramps, and even fight against cancer cells.

Growing Conditions

Growing Acapulco Gold requires a stable environment with consistent temperature levels. It should be planted in a greenhouse or hydroponic growing system to provide optimal conditions.

Breeding Farms and Genetics

Many Acapulco Gold marijuana strains have been bred to have heavier concentrations of THC. This makes it more highly potent than other strains. Moser’s OG is one such strain that has a high content of THC, which makes it fast acting and strong. The strain also holds a reputation for having heavy yields outdoors, which can be impressive when grown indoors under adverse conditions. Other varieties with high levels of CBD include Mazar I Sharif, Sour Tsunami, and Super Skunk Haze. They don’t cause the psychoactive effects that higher-THC varieties do.

The THC and CBD levels in different types of marijuana strains are also closely associated to the flavor of its smoke. For example, indica strains typically have low levels of THC, but they taste like earthy and sweet flavors. The level of sativa in these strains is higher compared to other varieties, so they have a fruitier taste with a piney scent.

Can you grow Acapulco Gold?

Nope, not at all. Acapulco Gold is one of the most expensive and rarest marijuana strains in the world, and you can only find it in specialized dispensaries.

Buy Acapulco Gold Online

acapulco gold marijuana strain flower
acapulco gold marijuana strain flower

Buying this cannabis strain online is very easy to do because there are many sources for it on the internet. You will always have to pay a premium price for this stuff because of its rarity, but the effects are worth it.

This marijuana strain is said to be great in relieving chronic pain and suppressing muscle spasms in patients suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. It also helps patients who have anxiety, depression and even eliminate nausea.

There are many other marijuana strains available online that have a similar THC content, but Acapulco Gold is known for its extremely high concentration of CBD and unique flavor. This is why it’s so expensive, but if you want to try vaping something that contains so much good stuff, then this might be the marijuana strain for you.

Where to Buy Acapulco Gold Online?

You can buy Acapulco Gold at several different online dispensaries on the internet. You can get more information on any of these sources by going to their websites and checking out the details on their pages.

Doing so will give you the best prices and the most reliable results from using this strain. Also, these dispensaries have a reputation for having very high-quality products, so you should definitely use them if you find one that offers Acapulco Gold in stock.

CBD strains are known for their medical benefits that can help patients who are suffering from chronic pain or glaucoma. Research has shown that CBD can also prevent seizures that patients with epilepsy experience, which makes it effective against some types of cancers as well.

Acapulco Gold Pros and Cons

marijuana strain flowers
marijuana strain flowers


It contains a large amount of CBD that relieves chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Acapulco Gold is also effective in treating Crohn’s disease and other gastrointestinal issues. It can also be used to relieve nausea and prevent cancer cells from growing.


It’s hard to get and quite expensive due to its rarity. You can only buy it at certain dispensaries or online sources. It has potent effects that might be too intense for new users, so you really must be careful when vaping this stuff. The THC content might be too powerful for some users, which is why you should only use this if you’re an experienced cannabis vaper. Learn how to use a vaporizer with us!

Final Thoughts on Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold marijuana strain is the best strain for relieving chronic pain and muscle spasms. But it also makes an excellent choice for patients with depression and anxiety because of its anti-anxiety effects. It can also alleviate pain from glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cancer, and a lot more.

But it’s still quite rare, so most cannabis users will need to use other strains in order to get relief from their symptoms. It’s extremely high CBD content is one of the reasons that make this strain so unique compared to other strains of marijuana with higher amounts of THC.

If you enjoyed getting to know more about Acapulco, it might be interesting for you to read about another marijuana strain called Afghan Kush. Keep posted in our blog and enjoy your reading!

Benefits Of Weed Vaporizers


The benefits of using pot vaporizers are numerous and this can be utilized as a convenient method to freshen up when you feel like it. There is no need to smoke another joint, dab, or roll another blunt. The most alluring benefit of weed vaporizers lies on its ability to eliminate or lessen any kind of nasty smelling smell produced by the usual use of cannabis.


The second benefit of the dry herb vaporizer is its capability to preserve the freshness of the buds. Most users don’t realize that smoking cannabis leaves your system with smoky and chemical odor. This makes it undesirable to consume. But with the dry herb vaporizer, you don’t need to worry about acquiring any kind of nasty side effect, this simply depends on the quality of your bud. The result is a potent smoke that makes people feel relaxed, energized and freshened up.

Aside from freshening up, the benefit of weed vaporizers also allows people to get rid of their own unpleasant smell.

Many people who suffer from such problems find it difficult to quit using the drug and eventually go back to it. This leads them to start smoking again in order to minimize the unpleasant smell their bodies are producing. The process of smoking usually leads people to smell musty, stale, and even polluted. With a dry herb vaporizer, you won’t have any such problem because you can eliminate the foul smell, making you smoke-free and fresh at the same time.

However, it is not only benefiting you to obtain a powerful smoke that makes weed vaporizers popular among many people. This is also a great alternative medicine. Unlike other types of medication, you don’t really get hooked to it and become dependent on it. Instead, with this kind of vaporizer, you only require a small amount of it in order to enjoy its soothing benefits.

Other than being a great alternative medicine, weed vaporizers also make your home smell fresher and cleaner. Since a dry herb vaporizer does not produce any smoke, you will not have to worry about bothering your neighbors when you are smoking it. You also do not need to constantly clean up your home to remove the awful smell produced by other kinds of vaporizers. Also, there is no need to buy cleaning agents to be able to get rid of the foul smell produced by other vaporizer products.

The first main benefit of these is that they are very easy to use.

Most people who decide to get a dry herb vaporizer are those who live in apartments or for their own personal use. Also, since it does not need electricity, they can easily move it to wherever place they go. You don’t have to worry about your battery running out of power or anything like that. Another benefit is that they are very convenient to carry. Aside from your cell phone, you can bring this with you almost anywhere.

The second main benefit of these is that they will help you get rid of unwanted and undesirable odors. When using a regular kind of vaporizer, most people will experience an offensive smell on their lungs especially if marijuana is smoked regularly. This kind of unpleasant smell produced is actually caused by the burnt leaves and stems. With a weed vaporizer, however, you will not experience this kind of unpleasant smell produced as the product will effectively deliver only the freshest and purest smoke when you smoke your marijuana.

The third main benefit is that these help you get rid of unwanted and undesirable smell produced from smoking pot. If you will look closely, marijuana produces a lot of undesirable smell produced because of its chemical composition. Aside from the obvious bitter taste, there are also some that smell really bad. By using a weed vaporizer, you will be able to easily get rid of the foul smell and achieve a much fresher and tastier smoke that everyone will surely love.

The Benefits of Using CBD

CBD liquid

If you have been prescribed medication for any condition, you will know just how potent the benefits of using CBD can be. We all know that it is extremely difficult to take medicine when you are ill but there is a lot to be said about how it can make the journey from illness to well being easier than it otherwise would be.

You may also be surprised to know that the vast majority of medical professionals are starting to recognise the benefits of using CBD as treatment for many medical conditions. It is now widely considered to be one of the top cures for depression and anxiety and some of the best known illnesses for which it is used include chronic pain and arthritis.

benefits of using cbd

People suffering from anxiety and depression are going to be the first to testify to the benefits of cannabidiol. This is because it is a natural substance that is found in the marijuana plant.

Medical cannabis users have long argued that medical marijuana reduces their symptoms considerably compared to the effects of prescription drugs.

The latest findings into the benefits of using CBD on anxiety and depression confirm this.

Cannabidiol is known as CBD, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is an organic chemical that has been found in cannabis plants. It is believed to work through the body’s own mechanisms of inflammation to reduce pain, restore brain function and reduce suffering in patients with serious illnesses like cancer and sclerosis.

The latest findings into the benefits of using CBD on anxiety and depression are based around two separate experiments. One looked at the effect of CBD on the inflammatory response in the human brain. The other looked at whether CBD reduced the blood flow in the rat’s brain when it was under stress.

Both of these experiments showed that CBD can reduce the inflammation in the brain and calm the nervous system down.

The results suggest that CBD could be a good natural solution to treat psychological and emotional disorders that people suffer from, and there are ongoing clinical trials to test this hypothesis. The benefits of using CBD to relieve pain, improve mood and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms in patients have not yet been fully documented. However, many medical practitioners believe that CBD can be used effectively in conjunction with conventional medicine to tackle the symptoms of neuro-inflammation and pain. The use of CBD is likely to increase over the next few years as researchers continue to investigate CBD for its possible benefits.

In addition to reducing inflammation and pain, the benefits of using CBD may be due to the lack of toxic side effects associated with CBD.

Since CBD is a psychoactive drug, it presents some of the same risks as other psychoactive drugs like cannabis and LSD. Some research suggests that CBD may not be fully psychoactive in its true form, and that it may instead be a “medium” or “low intensity” psychotropic drug that produces similar effects to those of legal medications such as Percocet and Klinopin, albeit in lesser amounts. The absence of toxic side effects makes CBD a particularly attractive alternative to use in the treatment of patients with chronic pain, especially since it is a relatively non-habit forming substance when taken in the proper dosage.

The benefits of using CBD oil continue to be discussed by medical professionals across Canada and the USA, and it has been determined that people who suffer with chronic pain show a profound reduction in pain when taking CBD. However, it is important to note that CBD is not an “adrenaline suppressant,” and therefore, does not interfere with normal sleep patterns. People who take CBD to treat chronic pain may also experience irritability, anxiety, and depression, but these side effects are mild and transient. Therefore, the benefits of using CBD are primarily noted during periods when the patient is asleep and calm.

While CBD cannot currently be prescribed by prescription in the UK or any other country, many people are experimenting with CBD products to try to decrease their dependence on prescription pain medication.

Many experts believe that the lack of a synthetic form of CBD means that the product does not produce the same degree of addiction as many drugs, which can lead to a more controlled and sensible use. However, there have been no concrete scientific studies comparing the relative merits of CBD to other pharmaceutical products come to the market.

As with anything new, it may be necessary to conduct clinical trials before we know whether or not CBD is as effective as we think. However, there are a number of websites dedicated to informing the general public about the benefits of CBD, so if you are interested in trying this new therapy, you should do your research.

Currently, there are no published studies comparing the relative merits of various pharmaceutical products come to the market, so it is up to the consumer to do the research in their own individual interest.

There are many different CBD products on the market and there is definitely a product that will work for every individual.

Just remember that anyone can become addicted to some types of medication, so proceed with caution until you know for sure that CBD is right for you.

How to Make CBD Oil at Home


The benefits when making CBD at home

Oil is one of the most common ways to consume CBD. Most of us will pop into the shop and buy accordingly to our budget or health preferences. There are sadly some limitations for some of us depending on the store product types availability and regulations in your country.

Worried about your budget or even what some CBD oil manufactures are adding to their mix? Worry no more, You can make your own CBD in your kitchen and not need to put on your lab coat. With a few easy steps and a few common household items, it is achievable. 

The methods

First of you must decide on which method you would like to use and or can use. There are two easy methods to extract the oil from the plant material namely Oil method and the alcohol method.

Both will give you excellent results, but it all comes down to the strain and quality of the cannabis. 

Oil Method 

CBD liquid
The Benefits of CBD

The equipment that is needed

• Double boiler (two pots)

• Baking tray

• Parchment paper

• Herb grinder (or scissors)

• Coffee filter, cheesecloth or something similar

• Glass jar or botel with lid for storage

The ingredients

• 30g hemp flowers  

• 450g carrier oil (hemp seed and coconut are best and preferred oils, but olive oil or any edible plant-based oil will also work)

The how-to

cbd capsule
cbd capsule

1 Prepping

You will need to make the hemp flowers fine and not into a powder form, just into small pieces, and even as well to allow maximum CBD oil extraction. So if possible use a herb grinder. Using scissors will make the proses more time consuming and will require a little more effort. Especially to make all the hemp flowers even and as small as possible.

2 Baking

Line a baking tray with parchment paper and spread the ground-up hemp flowers evenly onto it. Preheat the oven to 110ºC (225ºF) and let it bake for an hour, the flower should turn to a light brown color and will be a little bit brittle (crispy). This will begin the decarboxylation process, where the inactive CBDA is converted into active CBD.

cbd edibles
cannabis-weed-hash-brownies-cbd edibles

3 Extraction 

Mix the fine hemp flowers and oil you chose to use. Place the mixture into a double boiler, fill up the bottom with water, and keep an eye on the water level to prevent an interruption and or to stop the extraction processes without knowing it. Keep the temperature above 150ºC for 2 to 3 hours. This will evaporate the terpenes and the product will have a brownish-green color.

4 Separating

Carefully separate the double boiler or remove the pot from the heated water. Take your glass jar or bottle and place your filter over the opening and pour in your homemade CBD oil and let the filter sit for a few minutes with the plant material so all the oil is separated from the hemp material that is left. Remove the filter with the solid matter and throw it away.

Store your CBD oil in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

The Alcohol method

The ingredients:

 Around 30g ground buds or 60–100g ground dried shake or trim
• High-proof, food-safe grain alcohol

The following equipment is needed:

• Mixing bowl
• Baking tray
• Parchment paper
• Grinder
• Fine strainer such as a piece of cheesecloth or a sieve
• Catchment container
• Double boiler (a set of two fitted saucepans/pots stacked together with space between them)
• Wooden spoon
• Spatula
• Funnel
• Plastic syringe


Now follow the following steps:

  1. You now need to use a grinder to ensure that it is a fine consistency. Place it on a tray on parchment paper and bake for 1 hour at 110 degrees Celsius.
  • Place your decarbonated buds into a mixing bowl with alcohol, to let the plant matter submerge. Now stir it for 5 to 10 minutes. This will cause the CBD and terpenes to get extracted.
  • Separate the CBD extract from the alcohol. Use a filter and strain the solution into a bowl. You can repeat this process a few times using fresh alcohol.
  • Set up your double boiler.Pour the alcohol in the top and apply heat. Now keep stirring the mixture for 20 minutes while the alcohol evaporates. Just remember the vapor will be highly flammable and can be a fire hazard.
  • It will be a tar like consistency when all the alcohol is removed. You can use a syringe to draw it up while it is still warm, because it just makes it easier to store.

There you have it; you can choose between 2 methods to make your CBD oil in the comfort of your own home. It is as easy as that, try it!